Attention! The payment for training is carried out according to the contract through bank after admitting to the academy with the obligatory indication in payment: "Code of payment *; payment for training without VAT, of the student (name, surname) according to the contract № "
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State establishment «Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine» has been organizing admission and training of international students at the preparatory department since 1990. From the first years of Ukrainian independence the international activity of the academy has become of the utmost importance.

In 1994 the Department of international relations was established in the academy, designed to develop and coordinate international activities of DMA. Since 2005 the line of international activities of the academy has been headed by professor L.Yu. Naumenko.

Lately, the reorganization of departments engaged in the international activities has taken place, namely: two international faculties have been created, the Department of international relations and the Passport and visa division have been restructured, staffing recruitment and selection have been done, the arrangement of workplaces for the staff and the technical support of units have been provided.

Currently more than 1700 international students from 52 countries of the world are getting education at the academy. Among countries that are the leaders by the number of nationals studying at the academy the following ones should be mentioned: Uzbekistan, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Lebanon.

The academy is engaged in marketing activities in the Middle East, Africa, India through partner companies as well as with the active participation and support of the academy staff. Annually our staff participate in more than 100 international conferences, exhibitions and other events.

Significant achievements attained by the teaching staff of the academy were awarded with the Grand Prix «The Leader of the Higher Education of Ukraine».