Attention! The payment for training is carried out according to the contract through bank after admitting to the academy with the obligatory indication in payment: "Code of payment *; payment for training without VAT, of the student (name, surname) according to the contract № "
  1. An admission for the studies of foreigners and persons without citizenship is carried out in obedience to Laws of Ukraine "About higher education", "About legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship", "About oversea Ukrainians", "About refugees and persons which need additional or temporal defense", by Decree of President of Ukraine from June, 03, 1994, Nr. 271 "About measures on development of economic collaboration of areas of Ukraine with the contiguous areas of Belarus Republic and by administrative-territorial units of Moldova Republic ", by the decisions of Cabinet Ukraine from February, 26, 1993, Nr. 136 "About the studies of foreign citizens in Ukraine", from September, 11, 2013, Nr. 684 "Some questions of admission for the studies of foreigners and persons without citizenship", by the order of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from November, 01, 2013, Nr. 1541 "Some questions of organization of admission and studies (internship) of foreigners and persons without citizenship", incorporated in Ministry of justice of Ukraine on November, 25, 2013 2004/24536
  2. Foreigners and persons without citizenship (hereinafter - foreigners) can obtain higher education for the money of physical (legal) persons, if other is not foreseen the international agreements of Ukraine, consent on which obligation has been given by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, legislation or agreements, between higher educational establishments about international academic mobility.
  3. The foreigners arriving in Ukraine to training arrive into SI DMA on the accredited educational programs (specialties) appendix 1

Entrants from among foreigners file the following documents:

  • standard questionnaire;
  • document (original and its copy) about previous educational (educationally qualification) level on the basis of an entry is carried out, appendix (original and its copy) to the document about an educational (educationally qualification) level on the basis of an entry is carried out (if available); the estimations (marks) got from educational disciplines with a middle mark not below 160 marks after by a 200-ball by a scale (not below 60% the proper scale of country) on condition of study and receipt not below 150 marks from competitive objects (not below 50% the proper scale of country); Documents have to be certified according to the legislation of the country of delivery and are legalized in an established order, if other is not foreseen the international agreements of Ukraine.medical certificate about the health state, witnessed by the official body of health care of the country from which there has arrived a foreigner, and given out not later than two months to entrance on studies to Ukraine;
  • an insurance policy of urgent medical care (except for foreigners, who arrived from the countries the contract on free urgent medical care is signed with);
  • copy of the birth certificate;
  • eight coloured snapshots by a size 30x40 mm;

Documents must be translated into Ukrainian language with official attestation of translation.

Terms of reception of applications and documents from entrants from among foreigners:

From 9.00 July,1 2019 till 17.00 October,30 2019 (master, bachelor)

From July,1 2019 till December,30 2019 (Pre study language course)

For a year (postgraduate study)

Enrollment on a Pre study language course is made without entrance tests.

The enrolment of foreigners on studies at proper level of higher education is carried out as a result of entrance tests from certain subjects and language of studies (Appendix 3) and on the basis of academic rights on continuations of studies, which are given a document about the obtained level of education in the country of his origin, and accounts of marks of progress, which give a right on continuation of studies at next level of higher education in accordance with the legislation of country which gave out a document about the obtained level of education.

Entrance examinations are carried out from August,26 to October,31 inclusive (according to the schedule).

The entrant who confirmed level of knowledge of language by the valid certificate TOEFL, International Language Testing System, Cambridge English Language Assessment, is exempted from passing of entrance examination in a foreign language. The specified certificates of level B2 are equated to results of entrance examination with the highest point (200).

SE DMA calculates marks/estimations of applicant on the basis of document about the previous obtained level of education (Appendix 8,9). The minimum value of marks/estimates number, necessary for the entry, in general education subjects in which it is held entrance tests and an average ball of the certificate is 150 points.

Тhe competitive point is calculated by a formula :

competitive point (CP) = coefficient1*s1+ coefficient2*s2+ coefficient3*c

s1, s2 - estimates of entrance tests for the first, second competitive subjects, c- the GPA of the document on senior secondary education transferred to a scale from 100 to 200 points according to the table of recalculation of GPA of the document on senior secondary education calculated on the 12th ball scale in a scale of 100-200 points (Appendix9).

Integral coefficients: coefficient1=0.45, coefficient2=0.50, coefficient3=0.05. The amount of coefficients for each competitive offer equals 1

Graduates of pre study language course for foreign citizens are enlisted on the 1 course by results of final examinations on condition of receiving not less than 150 points in certain objects and language of training.

The admission of applicants from a number of foreigners on studies for the money of physical (legal) persons is carried out at SI DMA:

  • not later than November, 01for the receipt of master's and bachelor`s degree;
  • not later than December,31 for pre study language course
  • within a year for training in a postgraduate study studies

Entrants at enrollment can change specialty on condition of existence of necessary examinations results and in the presence of vacant positions of the licensed quantity by transferring of application form.

  1. All categories of foreigners, who admit on studies, are enrolled SI DMA on the basis of orders of enrolment which are formed in the Common base.
  2. Requirements of compliance of entrants from among foreigners who arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of training to reception conditions on appropriate levels of the higher education and also the terms of carrying out entrance examinations and enrollment designated in Regulations of Admission are published on the SI DMA official site.
  3. Foreigners, who get state grants by international agreements, national programs, other international obligations of Ukraine, are accepted on studies within the limits of the set quotas for foreigners on the basis of directions of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.
  4. Foreigners who arrived to Ukraine for participating in the programs of academic mobility or for the receipt of higher education after concerted between Ukrainian and foreign higher educational establishments educational programs are accepted on studies with due regard for the proper contractual obligations of higher educational establishment. 
  5. Oversea Ukrainians who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, and status of whom is witnessed the certification of oversea Ukrainian, at entering into higher educational establishments of Ukraine use the same rights on the receipt of education as citizens of Ukraine behind the exceptions established by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine or international agreements, consent on which obligation has been given by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 
  6.  Foreigners and persons without citizenship (hereinafter - foreigners) who are constantly living in Ukraine, person with the status of the refugee, and person demanding additional or temporary protection and entering SI DMA can participate in competitive selection on places of the state order within the established quotas by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of the special competitive point designated respectively Paragraph 4 of Section VII of Regulations of Admission to the minimum recommended competitive point on places of the state order on the general competition for this competitive offer in the previous year. In the absence of such point the similar indicator according to other, closest, competitive offer within institution of higher education, in case of impossibility - other institution of higher education according to the decision of reception committee can be used.